How a simple gray blanket acts as a surrogate mother for orphaned elephants

How to make a simple gray blanket work as a surrogate mother for orphaned elephants

Substitute Mother: An Orphaned Elephant Snuggles Up To A Large Grey Blanket Hung Out At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust In Nairobi, Kenya

Elephants are social animals that rely heavily on their mothers. When a young elephant loses its mother, it can be devastating. But thanks to a unique program in Kenya, orphaned elephants are finding comfort in a surprising source – blankets.

At Ease: A Baby Nestles Against The Blanket, Rubbing The End Of Its Trunk Against The Material, Just As It Would To Its Real Mother In The Wild

The program provides orphaned elephants with surrogate mothers in the form of simple gray blankets. These blankets are made of soft, warm fleece fabric, and are designed to mimic the texture and warmth of an elephant’s natural mother. The blankets are incredibly effective in providing comfort and support to orphaned elephants, helping them cope with the loss of their mothers and aiding in their socialization with other elephants in the herd.

Here’s how to make a simple gray blanket that can act as a surrogate mother for orphaned elephants:


Digging It: The Sensation Of Using Its Trunk To Rub Against The Blanket Mimics The Elephant'S Mother'S Stomach

Gray fleece fabricScissorsSewing machineNeedle and thread


Cut the fleece fabric into a large rectangle, approximately 6 feet by 8 feet.Fold the rectangle in half, lengthwise, with the right sides together.Using the sewing machine, sew the two long edges together, leaving one short end open.Turn the blanket right side out.Fold the open end inward and sew it closed by hand.

Congratulations, you have now created a simple gray blanket that can serve as a surrogate mother for orphaned elephants.

Feeding Time: The Elephants Use The Blankets For The Early Months, Then They Go On To Taking The Bottle

The blanket is used by keeping it with the young elephants and allowing them to snuggle up to it, just as they would with their own mothers. The blankets are also used to help keep the elephants warm during the night.

In addition to providing comfort and support to orphaned elephants, the program has also been successful in raising awareness about the importance of elephant conservation. The program has inspired many people to take action to protect elephants and their habitats, helping to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy these magnificent animals.

So next time you have some extra fleece fabric lying around, consider making a simple gray blanket that could provide comfort and support to an orphaned elephant in need. Your efforts could make a real difference in the life of an orphaned elephant, and help to protect these amazing animals for generations to come.

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