“From Staircase Dwelling to Sofa Resting: A Cat’s Journey to Comfort and Joy”

It’s amusing to see how a cat is so happy to have a couch to sleep on after roaming the streets and living under a staircase for years.


A stray cat had been winning the hearts of the students of Montreal, braving many harsh Canadian winters over the years. A gentleman noticed the elusive feline and began feeding him every day. He set up a makeshift cabin for the cat under the staircases, where the cat claimed as a home for quite some time. Caroline, a concerned citizen, spotted the cat lounging on the ground near the staircase in distress. As she approached him, he ran out fearfully.


Colline Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared with Love Meow that she discovered his corner under the stairs. There were lots of fleas and it had a strong odor. A resident explained that he had lived outside for several years, and slept under the stairs. He didn’t let people approach him nor did he trust anyone.


Coline got in touch with a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer, Nadia, for assistance to save the cat. “Nadia arrived and noticed he was in rough shape and needed immediate medical attention. His ears had scars from fights and he walked with his head down,” Coline told Love Meow. “Knowing that he needed to be removed from the poor living conditions, Nadia stayed for more than 12 hours to get him to safety.”


After losing a lot of effort and the help of the gentleman who fed the cat, they got the tabby to Chatosorphelins Montreal. “We named him Ferdinand Billions. He was very scared at first with all the changes around him,” they said. “Billions was estimated to be eight years old. He was just skin and bones, tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), and had several severe health issues,” Colin added.


After experiencing dental surgery to extract all his teeth and suffering from the aftermath of his matted fur, Billy was free of pain and could finally relax and get some much-needed shut-eye. He was also treated for thyroid and stomach issues for about a month. “Freddy Billy received the best care and began to gain weight. His beautiful fur started to grow back in and he was ready to learn how to socialize,” said the care provider.


Alvin and Morgane, two violent offenders of the rescue, were taken into their home and spent ample time with them each day, gaining their trust and showing them that they meant good. With plenty of treats and an enormous amount of patience, Billion eventually gained their trust enough to be able to hold them in his lap to bring them into their new foster carer’s lap to build their confidence.


“When he came to us, he was withdrawn with a sad, empty gaze. Out of sight, he trusted no one in order to survive. We had to show him that everything was going to be okay,” shared Colin with Love Meow. “After weeks of hard work from his foster family, he became calmer and started to relax. He even befriended other foster cats and slowly came out of his shell.”


Over the past few months, billions have made an incredible progress and gained confidence over the couch. He enjoys sleeping on the couch and snuggling in a soft blanket. Playing is still a new concept to him, but from time to time, he likes to have fun with toys.


Currently, he strolls with his head and tail held high, shares the sidewalk with his feline friends, and enjoys relaxing by the window without a worry in the world. After years of roaming the streets, Billion is safe, healthy, and living the VIP life that he always wanted.


According to reports, Ferdinand Billion has experienced the worst and most devastating times in his life. However, he remains optimistic and hopeful for a happy future with his loving family, which serves as a source of comfort and support for him. He values their presence and will cherish them forever.


When each passing day brings a cat revolution in the simple pleasure of having a dedicated place to sleep and call its own, the couch becomes a remedy that was not long alone. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of providing animals in need with a safe and comfortable environment. It highlights the importance of providing impounded animals in need with a space where they can feel secure, loved, and valued. A simple act of kindness, such as offering a couch for a cat to sleep on, can have a profound impact on their well-being and quality of life.

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