“Should You Let Your Cat Wander Freely in Vietnam Despite the Consequences?”

A couple from Perm, who used to lead a routine married life, took a drastic turn and became enthusiastic world travelers a few years ago. They now embark on various trips around the globe, but they are not alone on these adventures. Accompanying them on their travels are their beloved pets.


It all began when the family had to stay in Montenegro for work purposes. Eventually, they made the decision to relocate their beloved sphinx cat, known as Africa, to a new country. Along the way, the family also adopted another feline friend, a stray cat they found on the streets of Montenegro, and named him Odysseus. This lucky cat got to embark on a real adventure with his newfound companions.

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According to Lyubov Plotnikova, the African cat is more bonded with its owners than with the house. It enjoys traveling with its loved ones because their presence is what matters the most to the animal.

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However, Odysseus is a highly independent feline. Having grown accustomed to life on the streets, he found it difficult to settle down in a home. While travelling through Vietnam, Odysseus began displaying his adventurous spirit and ultimately decided to stay in the country. The cat quickly made friends with the local stray cats and even emerged as their leader. Unlike in other places, street animals are treated with much more kindness and respect in Vietnam, so Odysseus was able to roam freely without any threats. It seems that this was a conscious decision by the animal, and the travellers respected his choice.

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During this winter season, the family opted to stay in their hometown of Perm. They recently welcomed a new addition to their household, a very unique animal that requires extra attention and care. The family made the decision to adopt a one-eyed cat from an animal shelter, who had suffered from cruelty at the hands of its former owners. Just two months ago, the poor cat was thrown out of a window on the fifth floor, causing severe injuries and resulting in the loss of one eye. Fortunately, with the help of veterinarians, the cat was able to receive the necessary care and survive.

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Meet Oscar, the furry feline who weighs a mere 2 kilograms despite being around three years old. Unfortunately, his previous owners often neglected to provide him with proper meals and even resorted to tossing him out the window.

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Oscar is getting stronger as he prepares for an upcoming trip in the spring. Lyubov shared that she and her husband are currently searching for a unique backpack suitable for air travel for Oscar.

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Seems like this cute little one-eyed creature has a jam-packed schedule ahead of it!😊 What’s your take on how the lives of all three are set up? Are you satisfied with it or would you make some changes?


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