“A Daily Visitor: A Cat’s Routine of Seeking Food at a Woman’s Workplace Ends Tragically with a Car Accident”

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. “Pickle” – a feline wanderer that unfortunately got hit by a car, but luckily received medical care that amounted to $6,000. After his recovery, he finally found a permanent home and the unconditional love he deserves.

mr pickle

According to Melissa Popham, a pet store employee, she took care of the kitten by feeding him every time he visited their store.

injured cat

After the cat vanished, it was nowhere to be found for five whole days. When it finally reappeared, it looked like something straight out of a horror movie hero’s ensemble. Concerned about its condition, Melissa Popham and her colleague reached out to a veterinarian who quickly treated the cat’s large abscess and broken jaw.

cat cat being treated

cat with stitches on the belly

In a span of approximately two months, Mr. “Pickle” underwent a remarkable transformation in his life.

He is now content, spick-and-span, and impeccably groomed. Besides having a loving caretaker, he has also found a feline sibling named “Ted” from a different lineage. It brings joy to see how both cats have a fondness for slumbering beside each other.

cats sleep together

Pickle is an amazing furry companion who holds a special place in our hearts. As his owner, I’m pleased to say that he’s not just a cat, but also a great friend of mine. We cherish him dearly and enjoy every moment spent with him. This is what Popham shared with Bored Panda.

two cats

According to a lady who took in an injured stray cat, he has turned out to be the most amazing baby she could have ever wished for.

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