“An Abandoned Feline Finds Love and Support from a Caring Family for Her Six Newborn Kittens”

It’s heart-wrenching to see animals wandering on the streets, facing an uncertain and dreadful future. As a woman, when a stray animal becomes pregnant, her maternal instincts kick in, and she fights tirelessly to protect what she cares for most. Recently, in South Los Angeles, a stray cat and her six little kittens were found. The kittens were only two days old and needed immediate foster care.

Jen Marder, a volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, stepped forward and brought the kittens to her place. The mother cat amazed Jen with her immediate display of love and affection that knew no bounds.

As soon as I opened the carrier, she immediately brushed up against me, craving affection. She was quite chatty and expressed her desire for my attention. In my embrace, she purred and nuzzled close, just as Jen described.

The family constructed a warm and inviting dwelling for their beloved cat and her litter. The mother cat could now rest easy knowing that her kittens were safe and sound. As her little ones filled their bellies, the stunning calico cat happily curled up in her brand new bed and began to knead it with contentment.

Cleo, the calico mother cat, would constantly ask for attention and affection whenever her foster mother entered the room. Her nickname was Cleopatra. According to her foster mother, all she really desired was a cozy lap to snuggle in and the love and care she was deprived of while living on the streets.

It’s amazing how Cleo, despite her small size, manages to nurture and raise six growing kids with such grace. Her love and care for each of her children is unconditional, without any favoritism towards any of them. It’s truly heartwarming to see them all flourish under her tender care.

Cleo finds immense pleasure in being showered with love and attention from both her feline companions and her human owners. She has a compassionate and affectionate nature, which makes her respond empathetically to anyone who seeks her help. After the kittens were weaned and learned to play, Cleo started to withdraw from her usual activities and began spending more time with her foster family.

It’s clear that Clao absolutely adores her children.

The kittens she owns exhibit loving and lively behaviors. Even when they cause trouble, they easily switch gears and seek affection by snuggling on your lap and dozing off within minutes.

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