“Unbreakable Feline: A Shelter Survivor’s Unwavering Hope for a Loving Family”

A feline that has been in and out of the shelter is looking for a loving family who will stick by her side no matter what.

When Lily, a calico cat, was surrendered to Hamilton Animal Services in Canada, she was around 3-4 years old. Luckily, Katelyn and Karly Saltarski, who run Salty Animal Rescue, gave her a warm welcome and took her in. According to the rescue, Lily was rehomed due to urinating outside of the litter box, which may have been caused by harassment from the previous owner’s other cat. Though initially shy, Lily soon warmed up to volunteers and began seeking affection. She was eventually adopted but unfortunately returned over a year later.

The problem with Lily’s litter box usage has persisted and her adoptive family believes that she would be better off with another family. This is a common reason why people give up their cats at our rescue center. It’s unfortunate but understandable. Lily, who is now five years old, has already been rehomed once before so we want to make sure that her next home is her forever home and that she receives the best care possible.

Meet Lily, a laid-back feline who loves to explore and seek out her beloved humans for some quality chin and belly rubs. As the sole four-legged creature in her household, Lily craves undivided attention from her human companions. She simply requires a family that will embrace her with understanding and patience for the duration of her stay.

According to the rescue, Lily has a bit of a Calico cat attitude at times, but once she feels at ease in her surroundings, she becomes the most affectionate, fluffy cat. This lazy house cat loves to make biscuits and spend her time snuggling and lounging around, eagerly waiting for pets and attention.

Lily finds solace in a serene atmosphere that allows her to unwind and massage her paws on a cozy blanket. She exudes a soothing purr, and is a seasoned lap cat who would happily curl up on your lap for an entire afternoon. Lily’s favorite hobby involves watching avian videos on a computer alongside her human companions.

According to the rescue, there is hope that Lily’s litter box problem can be minimized and ultimately solved through trial and error. The team also revealed that Lily was admitted while overweight, but they are optimistic that she will continue to lose weight, which could also aid in resolving her litter box problem.

Lily has been in and out of a shelter a few times, and now she is eager to find her forever home. She deserves a loving family who will support her through any challenges and accept her for who she is, just like any other typical cat.

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