After abandoning the cat by the side of the road and leaving, a compassionate man came across the poor cat and observed its predicament.

Andrey’s truck driver’s flight is coming to an end and he’s driving home. On the side of the road, the man noticed a white lump and stopped to see what it was. The tumor turned out to be a kitten. The cat is about a month old, it is like wearing a white coat with black spots wet from the rain, the cat is shivering because of the bone-chilling cold on the street.


Noticing the car, the kitten meowed pitifully and approached the wheel, trying to hide near the car to avoid the rain and wind. The kitten’s eyes are so inflamed and glued together that it can’t seem to see anything. There were no residential buildings around and Andrey was sure it was a domestic cat and someone had brought it here on purpose and abandoned the kitten, for some reason they wanted to get it out.


The man took pity on the poor cat and brought it into the warm cabin of the car. When he got home, Andrey went to the veterinary pharmacy and bought special food, eye drops, and vitamins for the cat. After bathing and medical procedures, the baby cat curled up and slept soundly. Andrey named the kitten Mercy, in honor of his car brand, and last name went on the next trip together. Andrey adopted the cat and took it with him on his journey.


The kitten enjoys life on the road, it quickly gets used to the car cabin and even finds its favorite spot – in the hands of the driver. The cat quickly adapted to the life of a trucker and the car became its natural home. Mercy is happy that she now has a new home and a new owner, and no longer has to endure the cold and hunger of being abandoned, and Andrey, he doesn’t have to be bored on the road when the cat is gone!

It’s disheartening to hear about the abandonment of a cat on the curb, but it’s heartwarming to know that a kind man chanced upon the poor feline and noticed its plight. Acts of kindness and compassion can make a significant difference in the lives of animals in need.

The kind man’s decision to stop and help the abandoned cat demonstrates empathy and a willingness to take action. He recognized the cat’s vulnerable situation and chose to intervene, providing a ray of hope for the feline.

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