Sticky kitten has been found and brought safely to his mother’s home after getting lost

Rescued Kitten Sticky Reunited with Mother Cat

Sticky the kitten, blind, tripod

A lost kitten named Sticky has been safely returned to his mother cat after being found by a kind-hearted stranger.

Abigail Batic with Sticky the rescued kitten.

Sticky, a fluffy grey and white kitten, was reported missing by his owners last week. Despite their best efforts to search for him, the kitten remained lost for several days. Fortunately, a passerby discovered Sticky wandering alone in a nearby park and immediately contacted animal control.

Sticky loves to play in the grass.

After being checked for any injuries or health issues, Sticky was taken to a local animal shelter where staff members worked tirelessly to locate his owners. Thanks to the kitten’s microchip, the shelter was able to identify Sticky’s family and quickly reunite him with his mother cat.

Sticky the blind cat looking at camera, Abigail Batic

Sticky’s owners expressed their gratitude to everyone who helped bring their beloved pet back home. They also reminded other pet owners to make sure their furry friends are always wearing identification tags or have a microchip to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

Abigail Batic with adult rescued cat

In conclusion, Sticky’s safe return to his family is a heartwarming reminder of the importance of microchipping and properly identifying pets.

Blind rescued cat on a chair. Hialeah, FL

Sticky’s story is not only a heartwarming tale of a lost kitten being reunited with his family, but it also highlights the importance of taking proper precautions to ensure the safety of our pets.

Sticky the blind tripod cat

Pet owners should always make sure their furry friends are wearing identification tags or have a microchip. This simple step can greatly increase the chances of being reunited with a lost pet, as it did with Sticky.

Additionally, it’s important to always keep an eye on our pets and make sure they are in a safe environment. Even the most well-behaved of pets can become distracted or scared and wander off, causing them to become lost.

Sticky’s safe return is a reminder to all pet owners to take the necessary steps to protect our furry friends and ensure their safety. Let’s all make sure our pets are properly identified and always keep a watchful eye on them.

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